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Likert scales are widely used in surveys to have an idea about what people think about a particular subject, topic or issue. Below you can see a pool or Likert scale templates and also can be used for making Likert scales easily. One can download a favorite Likert scale template by clicking on download button appeared below the preview of template.

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For example, if you can notice in Reggae or Ska music, the guitar or keyboards most of the times play, at times, exactly opposite to the beat. And, last but not least: harmony. Usually, melodies are not just played alone by a solo instrument or a group of instruments playing the same thing. The picture above provides an example of asymmetrical balance. The objects are placed below the horizontal central axis, but the other principles of design have been used harmonize the image. Scale and Proportion. Scale refers to the size of an object in comparison to other objects in a design.

assessment is a 43-item rating scale organized into seven environmental subscales. The items in the first six subscales are referred to as child-related, and the items in the last subscale are referred to as parent-/staff-related. Each item is ranked from 1 to 7. A ranking of 1 describes care that does not meet