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USB 3.0 port Power Adapter LED Indicator Sleep/Wake up/Power button IMPORTANT: The dock button is designed to replicate your system's power button. If you connect the TB16 to supported Dell computers, the dock button will work like your computer's power button and you can use it to "power on"/sleep/"force shutdown" the computer.

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If you can put a USB drive into your computer, twist a lens onto a mount and download a piece of software then you will have no trouble with Sigma’s Optimization Pro Software and USB dock. It’s really just as easy as that. Here’s the link to the software just in case you don’t feel like searching the web for it.

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(1) Download (Lat7480 + WD15 dock: USB ports dont work after undock) repair utility. (2) Lat7480 + WD15 dock: USB ports dont work after undock (3) WD15 shuts off itself. Need to power cycle the dock to make it work again. (4) Unable to get Dell WD15 dock to work with ASUS laptopIn a regular DisplayPort 1.4 cable, there are four data lines that transfer DP data at 8.1 Gbps unidirectionally; this configuration is possible within a passive full featured USB Type-C to Type-C cable by configuring four USB data lines as Alt Mode and having them transfer DP data in one direction per lane, over four lanes.

I wake my computer from sleep. At the Window login prompt, I connect the WD15 with my laptop (Dell Latitute 5580). The connection establishes (the attached m...Here's a WD15 USB-C dock from Dell, is it any good? How does it compare to traditional snap-in docks?Note: This dock does supply power, please ignore me stat... Jun 03, 2020 · Dell Dock Wd15 Troubleshooting An Issue With The External. Dell Thunderbolt Dock Tb16 User. ... Dell Thunderbolt 3 Dock Usb Not Working. You may also enjoy...